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Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen Harris and I’ve been busy for the last 32 (of my 55) years being a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, and grandmother. I’m fortunate enough to love and adore all of my kid’s, their spouses and their spouse’s families. My 2 daughters in law and 2 sons in law are top notch! They are talented, smart, hardworking, kind, and beautiful through and through. They all have incredible families who I love and consider friends. Not to be forgotten, my amazing parents, wonderful siblings, my patient and supportive husband, Scott and his stellar and supportive family. Truly, I rub shoulders with outstanding people who contribute greatly to my life and have helped me become the person I am.
The whole gang!
I have quite a varied background and several different occupations. When I met Scott, I was working as a Nurses Aid. After we married I worked at a floral shop and learned a lot about flower arranging and I loved that creative outlet. Later, I went to school to be a nail tech with plans to work at the family Salon. I worked there for a few years when I realized it wasn’t my dream career. So now, I was a stay at home mom. During this time Scott's job had him traveling around the world 50-75% of every month for about 13 years so I was home alone with my kids for weeks at a time, without a break. You stay at home mommies get what I'm saying, right? Mommy's need some "Me" time occasionally. I discovered I needed a little break so I went back to work part time in the medical field as a Unit Secretary in the recovery room. I loved this job and the people I worked with, They were supportive and positive. I’d never worked in an environment so uplifting before. It was great but short lived. Due to Scott’s travel schedule and certain inconveniences he
requested I quit and stay home with the kids again, so I did. I loved being a mom and miss my little's. It was truly the most rewarding/challenging thing I’ve ever done. The rewards were incomparable and filled me with joy and the challenges brought me to my knees (yes, prayer.) I look back on those years as a time of great learning and the best years of my life.
Fast forward...
About 16 years ago, to be with our family more, Scott switched careers and went into Real Estate. He's now the broker at his own Real-Estate company, Edge Realty. He's a great Realtor and very knowledgeable. Meanwhile, when my youngest was in high school I finally decided to follow through with my lifelong dream of going to design school. That was very rewarding and I loved it. Afterwards, I spent several years searching for the right outlet for my education and talent so when Scott began flipping houses a few years ago I thought it was a great opportunity to practice my skills.
I've still had plenty of time on my hands so I recently decided to partner with my darling daughter in law, Roxanne, to start an online company. Sideline; Roxanne oozes talent, is a fantastic photographer, dresses so cool and is mommy extraordinaire to my adorable grandson, Enzo. 
The lovely Roxanne 
We are so excited about this new venture! We’ve created the coolest online store retailing women’s clothing, accessories, and home decor. It's called Blush + Desert:
www.blushdesert.com Go check it out.
Now, the purpose of this blog is to provide our viewers and customers with industry info about fashion and interior design. We’ve also included lifestyle and living topics like travel, dining out, dining in, shopping, etc. Basically, any info to help you enjoy your life more completely. I’ve invited other family members to jump in when they have interesting stories, helpful advice and antidotes. We have an interesting and eclectic group of people with a lot to contribute.
Thank you greatly for taking the time to read/follow our blog. We hope you find us enjoyable, interesting and helpful. We want to enrich your life and be sure the time you spend with us is well spent. If you have any questions, requests or special interests we want to hear from you. We want to know if you’re looking for a certain something you’d like to see on the site, please contact us at
From the beautiful AZ desert,
Karen Harris
Owner/Buyer-Blush Desert

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