I LOVE receiving packages in the mail. Who doesn’t, right? It's like Christmas morning. I suppose that’s why owning an online clothing store was so appealing to me. I get a lot of packages delivered to my doorstep.
Apparently it’s just not enough though. In addition to all the packages I receive with invetory for my store I have 2 subscriptions that deliver even more packages. I love these subscriptions! They both deliver different types of products so I can't really say I have a favorite.  The first one is Grove Collaborative, they're a bit more practical.

They specialize in organic, natural, whole living household products. You can set the pace in which you receive packages from them. You can also customize what you receive and how much you spend. They send an email with items already in your cart but you can delete what you don’t want and add what you do. If you don't like the date set for delivery you can reset the date to one that suits you better. They offer products at reduced prices. Many times they are cheaper than you can buy even at Target.
Right now they’re offering a 4 piece Mrs Meyers set for free when you sign up. They have giveaways all the time too, free items when you purchase a certain dollar amount. Some products I love are Mrs Meyers lavender counter spray as well as the laundry detergent and fabric softener.
All in all it’s a great deal and fun to receive.
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this next subscription.
It’s Fab Fit Fun. It’s a seasonal box full of some really fun stuff.
This subscription is more fun and less practical than Grove Collaborative, but both are exciting to receive and who doesn't like a deal. If you're on social media at all you’ve probably already heard about or seen video reveals (box openings) for Fab Fit Fun. Even Celebrities are in on it, if you care about that. I have loved everything I've received even if it's something I can't use myself. I gift the items I can't use to friends and family. They make great gifts! When I had a Girls night with my sisters and mom I gave some of the items I couldn't use to them to divide amongst themselves. I'm pretty sure they loved it. The items that come in the box are all great quality as well as some new and innovative products. One of my favorite things I got is the Spongelle sponge. I featured it in a previous blog post. 
One other box I've received is Try the World, its so fun to be able to sample food from around the world. Some of the boxes reminded me of places I've traveled to but others made me want to book a trip. It was great!
My daughter is a fan of subscription boxes also. In the past she has subscribed to Ipsy + Birch Box and loved being able to try out large samples of skin care products, these are only $10 per month.
There are so many different subscription boxes out there for so many different interests + budgets. There’s literally something for everyone. The following is a list of some boxes you can subscribe to but it isn't all-inclusive. There are many more out there. Have fun and treat yourself to a little celebration once a month/quarter.
The Tie Bar, ties for men 
Ivory Clasp, a new handbag every month for less than $50.
Five Four Club, men’s fashion, $60 per month
Sockwork, for the sock loving man in your life, $14
Gwynnie Bee, Fashion for plus sized (size 10-32) women,
free 30 day trial. 
Birch box, packed with sample sized products, $10 per month. 
Beautique, a beauty box with options, $15 per month
Harry's, an awesome razor service, starts at $15 per month.
Dollar Shave, another razor service, $9 per month.
Hello Fresh, food subscription, great for Vegetarians + vegans, $60
Blue Apron, great for learning new cooking techniques, $60
Plated, a customizable fresh food subscription, $48 per week
Hot Sauce of the month, $13 per month
Graze, snacks, $14 per week
Lush Bites, Gluten free cookie delivery, $20 per month
Try The World, features a different country each quarter, food samples from around the world, $29 per month
My Geek Box, for the geek in your life, $18 per month
Sparkle Hustle Grow, For entrepreneurs, online courses, tutorials, desk accessories, $40 per month
Sweat Style, workout fashion, $25 per month
Mindfulness Box, healthy chocolates, teas, crystals, $29 per month
My First Reading Club, for ages 0-12, $10 per month
The Wordy Traveler, this box contains a book about a different travel location + products from that location, $50 per quarter
Hoppi Box, developmental kids toys, $75 per quarter.
Bark Box, a box of treats + toys for Fido, $21 per month
Cat Lady Box, treats + toys for cats, $35 per month

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